I will gladly give you two of hours of free opinions on any of the below topics, and if you like my snake oil, I’m available for small-scale consulting projects.

  • Logistics and operations research (I spent years in Amazon logistics)
  • High-performance computation and scientific simulation (area of focus at Blue Origin)
  • Education technology, language learning and knowledge management (first part of my career)
  • Useful application of current Large Language Model / AI technologies
  • Product management and customer acquisition
  • Generating large numbers of crazy ideas
  • Specific technologies: AWS, Java, Python (machine learning with keras), Javascript/Typescript, Clojure, Emacs, Kubernetes, Terraform

I practice “open-source” consulting: I strive to make all general-purpose materials, code, idea, and frameworks available for free to the world and bill strictly for time.

(It goes without saying that all prioprietary information stays proprietary.)

Reach out at consult at muldoon dot cloud.